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Business Guide to Selling is the virtual market for textile and apparel trade. It is the common platform for buyers and sellers who are connected with the textile and apparel trade industry in any way - be it as suppliers of fabric, accessories, packaging and machinery or exporters, buying agents / buyers, cargo agents, consultants and manufacturers! Using the powerful medium of the internet - with all its advantages of savings in time, effort and resources, our aim is to facilitate and enhance the business and in fact to add a whole new dimension to the way business is done in this industry!
Selling on texnett :
Following are the main advantages of selling on texnett:
     1  The widest possible market! Texnett provides you with a market that includes 'virtually' the whole world. Even those who cannot visit you physically can be your potential customers.
     2  Industry specific market: This site is about the textile and apparel trade industry, so only those who are really interested in this particular segment will visit you on the site. So you will get a concentrated chunk of visitors who might really be interested in what you are selling!
     3  Savings: You save time and money and a lot of hassle as you can easily reach the customers easily.
     4  Catch the market pulse: On texnett you can keep up with what is in demand, what is in and what is popular. This will ensure that you are in with the trends!
So how can you sell on texnett?
Place a deal: One way is to place a deal in the 'Sell' section of texnett. In order to do this, click on 'deals' in the navigation bar. In the deals section, click on 'Place a business deal here...'. You are sure to be contacted by a number of customers who require specifically just what you are offering.
Respond to a deal: You can also sell on texnett by responding to a deal that has been placed in the 'Buy' section. Do keep track of what is listed as required in the 'deals' section for you just might make a sale! You can contact the Company that has placed a specific deal as the complete particulars are available to you on texnett.
Place your product: You can simply place your products/services in the 'product' section of texnett according to the category to which you belong. The product page of a company will give details of the product/service offered, a brief description and remarks. The price may or may not be given. So, your products/services will be placed at the right place for the right customers to see!
Open a virtual shop: You can open your very own virtual shop on texnett! Our team of web designers can design, as per your requirements and specifications, an online shop that displays your products. This is a special offer for texnett members only at specially discounted rates!