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Guidelines for Placing Products and Services
Only members of texnett can place products/services in the Products and Services Section. If you are not a registered member of texnett, click here to join free now! expects all its members to be above board in their dealings on this website. The products/services placed in this section must be legitimate and genuine.
Texnett will not be responsible for the information given with regard to any products/services. The responsibility for the same lies with the person/company who has placed the same in this section.
Texnett reserves the right to edit or delete any products/services that have been placed in this section without prior notification to the concerned person/company.
We hope that you get a good response, however, we cannot guarantee the same.
When placing your products/services on texnett, we assume that you have read these guidelines and agree to the same.
  Thank You!
texnett team.