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Embroidery free style embroidery, machine embroidery, counted thread embroidery, power machine embroidery. Embroidery lessons includes mirror work, chamki work, beads work, metallic chord stiching, decorating handbags and leather bags. 


Pot decoration is the method of making the ordinary pot look elegant, beautiful and attractive by applying readymade paints and beads. 


Embossing is very interesting but requires great concentration. The embossing is taken up on 30mm aluminium sheets and tool required are very simple. The subject chosen is first drawn on the aluminium sheet and then the tools are used to bring out the necessary twists and turns on the foil, to give it a life like appearance. After the work is completed the required paint is used for giving colour to the figure. 


Engraving also is done on aluminium sheets. The aluminium sheet is first encompassed in a wooden frame, and then the figure is engraved. 


Fabric painting is a very popular art.. Another area which, of late has been attracting the attention of women is nib painting. The round or straight nib is painted on felt materials, and the same piece could be used for decorating the houses.