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DEAKINS was established by Deakins Systems Limited in 1997 to be a Designing Institute with a difference. It intends to produce hi-tech professionals in India.

DEAKINS is a unique institution due to its programmes and its innovative grooming methods, successfully introduced to make the programmes more practicaI and effective.

The aim is to create, through effective education, training and research, a renewable talent bank in varied disciplines of designing and to promote their placement in the industry, thus serving the cause of the industry. The rigorous scheduling of 'On - the - Job' training and class room inputs comprising of a multitude of subjects, conducted throughout, ensure that DEAKINS students represent the best of the nation's Professionals.

Besides, DEAKINS acknowledges certain other qualities in its students- analytical ability, sensitivity to people and the environment and a passion for doing things individually and in groups. With these attributes, the designers of DEAKINS develop a lot of confidence & faith within.

Today's world places unprecedented demands on designers, Organisational restructuring, increased competition, globalisation - in this climate of rapid social and technological change, a top-calibre education is more valuable than ever. The DEAKINS educational programs are designed to enable you to realise your full potential as a professional. It is challenging, result-oriented and completely designed to meet the requirements of the 21st century.

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