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Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Sciences (BILAMS)

Established at Calcutta in 1987, is an autonomous non-profit educational society, a division of the Birla Educational Institution .It has a strong commitment to the growth and development of a liberal education. 

At BILAMS, they feel every educated person should be an all rounder possessing some knowledge of general cultural heritage, broadly familiar with modes of thinking in other intellectual disciplines and able to find pleasure in simply stretching the mind and imagination.
To a certain extent, it may seem that BILAMS is a clone of many other fashion institutes but the institute believes it stands for an attempt to fuse various disciplines and specialisation so as to provide innovation and exchange of ideas. 

The Course 

Fashion Designing course equips with the required technical knowledge and also sharpens the skills & visually communicate ideas, creativity and innovation, communication, colour use and co-ordination and managerial and administrative skills. This course prepares one for career in designing, fashion co-ordination and merchandising.

Subjects covered in this two years Fashion Design Diploma Sketching and Fashion Illustration, Drafting pattern making and Drafting garment construction, textile design techniques, fashion merchandising and theme studies for fashion shows or exhibition.

5, Sarat Bose Road, Calcutta - 700 017