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To be the global leader in facilitating and influencing the highest quality, performance and value through customized IT solutions. Towards this web-enablement we provide Consultancy Services, Web Development and Support Services. 

  Website Designing and Development 

FASCINATION INFOTECH meets critical needs for web enabling business enterprises around the world. We advise on Internet strategy and structure. We undertake design and management of websites on a contractual basis. Our expertise is based on an in-depth knowledge of our clients' needs and the industries and environments in which they operate. We also assist our clients in capturing market opportunities.

Our services encompass a wide spectrum inclusive of development, maintenance and promotion of web sites. We offer advanced technologies combined with a highly personalized approach to individual clients. We specialize in providing cost effective packages for successful online presentation of organizations and companies.  

  The Procedure

The experts at Fascination Infotech help to develop and establish web sites undertaking the following:

  • Assisting in registering a domain name   

  • Arranging for web-hosting services for your site 

  • Undertake the responsibility to create your web site design and also look after the e-store part of it.

  • Arranging for the links with search engines.

  • Help in developing a web site promotional tool for you

  • We also provide custom made software when needed.

Our creations are client specific. All design services include research of individual features of your company, the readiness for e-business, your competitor and his Internet presence. The web site could of the size you chose and include features befitting your client servicing. All the creations are done, keeping in mind how useful it could be to you.

Experts at Fascination Infotech study the specificity of business and apply the appropriate aspects of design - Style, Interface design, Navigation style and Choice of technologies. We also create an optimal organizational structure, which ensures easy going through the site.

The guidelines followed are :

-        Web designs tailored to suit you .

-        The graphics and pictures are selected and designed accordingly  

-         Creation of all kinds of site components like chat, forum, search engines etc.

-        Selection of necessary site components (chat, forum, guest-book, etc.)

-         Creating a sample page

-         Site pages creation

-         Site assembling

-         Site support (any changes or additions in the content, html code corrections]

We pay individual attention to all the queries. Our contact information can be found at our page Contact Us.


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