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Fascination Infotech serves the customized needs of its clients while aiming to provide products that are innovative and cost effective. We pride ourselves in being regarded for the quality, timeliness and value of our work. Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced professionals with flexible thinking and in-depth knowledge.

We believe in investing in long- term business relationships, focusing on certain niche areas, which require in-depth domain knowledge.

We provide integrated development capabilities ranging from requirement study through programming to the final deployment and training of concerned personnel. We provide systemized procedures, which are critical to ensuring efficient working. Consisting of a highly proficient team of software developers, analysts and engineers, our team believes in adding value to your operations.

Our operations encompass a wide range of techniques with image processing using simple things like blitz to complex designing with moving object analysis.

The guidelines we follow are:

  • Understanding the scope and need for a software

  • The primary development environment is Microsoft Visual.

  • The developers are Windows and DOS application developers.

  • The programmers are in COM/DCOM and Activex.

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