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Other Services...

Fascination Infotech meets the needs of preparing the presentations as per the client's requirement We provide a variety of presentation modules. We first understand the requirement of the presentation and advise for the modules or their combination, accordingly.

Graphics and Design Services 

Our services encompass the use of multi-media, flash, video clippings and static images. We offer presentations created to promote your company with an aim to reach out the right message to the audience and captivate them. Our only concern is to make the viewer understand your ideas and concepts with interest.
The various packages offered to cater to the client specific requirements are:

  Walkthrough Multi- Media

The experts at Fascination Infotech prepared presentations with walk through features, which are customized and easy to work with. This involves use of techniques, which provide three-dimensional animation making the audience feel as if they are in person involved with the goings of the presentation. This package is used to animate the most important part of the presentation. This makes the presentation interesting and more comprehensive. 

  With flash

This includes the use of flash shockwaves in a presentation. This feature is used in the areas where one needs to draw the audience attention. The use of colours and moving objects makes a presentation more interesting. Flash serves this purpose and has been used successfully in many of our creations.

Video clippings

This makes use of video clippings with the text. A digital camera is used to shoot for a particular feature. This is mainly used where a process or a ramp show has to be presented. Such presentations have been prepared by us to suit the client's needs.

  Static Images

Presentations involving static images are also prepared. These do not have any motion picture feature. These are made for projects where text and pictures are sufficient to convey the message and hold the audience's attention.

We work on the guidelines of :

-  Complex GUI design 
-  Creation of complex graphics for Web sites (collages, drawings, flash-reels, etc.). 
-  Image optimization and processing for Web (photos, diagrams, etc.) 
-  Banner design 
-  Design of multimedia presentation

If you have additional questions, we would be glad to advise you personally. Our contact information can be found at our page Contact Us.

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